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The Šola Zdravja Society promotes daily outdoor workout in the vicinity of people’s residences, under the guidance of qualified volunteers. The exercise takes place in groups of 10-80 people, standing, in the morning hours, and lasts for 30 minutes (7.30-8.00 a.m.) The exercises follow the “1000-Moves” method developed by Dr Nikolay Grishin and aim to loosen up the joints in the entire body, improve mobility and have a positive impact on the balance and general well-being. The exercises require no special physical fitness or equipment, every participant works out according to their ability and under their own pain threshold; yet pain is useful to indicate which joint needs special attention. This helps to learn about the functioning and the structure of our body – that’s why our society is called Šola Zdravja – The School of Health!

Regular and persistent morning exercising strengthens the body and self-esteem, expands the circle of acquaintances, helps us gain new friends and allows us to attend local events organised by the Society. Our orange colour attracts attention and promotes positivism – it is no surprise that our members feel younger every year! At the moment, our Society has 4.836
members and even more sympathisers; it organises local, regional and national, well-attended member meetings. These meetings allow the groups to know each other better and share experiences; they promote the idea: healthy individual = healthy society = healthy country.

Our goal is to bring healthy exercise to every place – village and city, and to encourage people to take better care of their health and their social connections which are the best medicine against loneliness and depression. Our modern lifestyle exposes us to a lot of stress, competition and tasks that cannot always be mastered.  We have to learn to listen to ourselves and know how to break out of this vicious circle, take another path and live in accordance with our abilities and wishes.

Let us not forget that physical activity is one of the basic needs of each human being. Since the 1000-Moves method is applied in any weather, people develop a better resistance to colds and again begin to sense the rhythm of seasons lost in the modern lifestyle.  The exercises can be performed at home too, but group exercise in the nature is more fun and relaxing.

The exercises are free; members just support our work with a symbolic annual membership fee (EUR 20,00).

Become our member and promote our activity (and idea) in your local environment. The first step is always the hardest, but any moment can be a new beginning that can change our life. If you invite us to your location, we will help you to found a group with our knowledge and experience. We especially welcome also cross-border collaborations and connections.

Our contact:

Zdenka Katkič

Chair of the Šola Zdravja Society

+386 40 397277





The Šola Zdravja Society is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of natural persons who join as members to perform morning exercise outdoors and promote various forms of sports and recreation among all generations of our society, in cities as well as villages, and each inhabited place in Slovenia.

The name of the society is DRUŠTVO ŠOLA ZDRAVJA (hereinafter: Society); for now, it is active in the territory of Slovenia. The abbreviated name of the Society is Društvo ŠZ. Its registered office is in Domžale. The Society has the status of a society working in public interest in sports and recreation. The Society’s activity includes also the areas of health care, education and training. It strives to obtain the status of a charitable organisation in the area of health care.

The Society’s aim is to collaborate with experts from official and alternative medicine, organisations, foundations, public institutions and entrepreneurs – all who work for the benefit of the people and their health and well-being.

The Society welcomes anyone who engages in morning exercise, sports, recreational sports, or people in any way connected to this area. The membership is voluntary; members join by signing a statement and paying the annual membership fee (EUR 20,00). Minors under 15 years can become members with rights equal to those of other members, but they cannot be elected as members of the Society’s boards and cannot accept any material liabilities.

In addition to its basic task, the Society follows these objectives:

  • it encourages regular physical activity and exercise in its members,
  • it promotes the increase of the ratio of the physically active population in Slovenia,
  • it promotes the health of the population and a healthy lifestyle based on the principles of appropriate active lifestyle habits,
  • it introduces mass recreational sports for the elderly and popularises its activity among members in all age groups,
  • it develops the members’ knowledge about health issues and the idea that every individual is the best promoter of their own health,
  • it systematically introduces the awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity at all levels of our society, in cities and villages alike, in every inhabited area of Slovenia,
  • it systematically connects generations in its activities with pre-school and school children, youth and adult age groups,
  • it raises the awareness about preventive health care from birth to death,
  • it develops virtuous character traits in members, such as creative enthusiasm, a sense for group work and cooperation, self-help, introduces discipline, self-criticism, punctuality, companionship and modesty,
  • it develops the spirit of mutual respect in members,
  • it stands for the observance of professional ethical and moral principles in the Society’s operation,
  • it informs members and the public about problems and progress in the Society’s area of work,
  • it promotes the participation of research institutes, universities and individual experts in Society’s projects,
  • it promotes the research activities of its members.

The Society achieves its goals by means of the following tasks, in line with applicable regulations and the Society’s objectives:

  • by organising regular sports recreation, i.e. organising morning outdoor workouts called the “1000-Moves Method” by Nikolay Grishin, MD, led by qualified members of the Society, i.e. volunteer trainers,
  • by organising professional trainings and qualifications for members and volunteer trainers of sports recreation,
  • by organising educational activities about self-help for Society members and other interested individuals,
  • by organising sports, recreational and other events and by the participation of its members at sports, recreational and other events,
  • by organising excursions, promotional campaigns, joint holiday activities, cultural and entertainment activities for Society members,
  • by connecting and working together with other similar organisations and societies in Slovenia and abroad,
  • by organising lectures and issuing a gazette and specialist literature,
  • by promoting a healthy lifestyle in the broader public,
  • by acquiring premises intended for the Society’s activities,
  • by enabling members to participate in the management of regular morning exercise and other sports and recreational activities.

The Society strives to cover the entire area of Slovenia with organised morning outdoor exercise. It also strives for cross-border cooperation and the organisation of new groups following the same pattern abroad. It increasingly works together with companies that set the well-being of their employees as their goal, by organising exercise in their work environment.

You are welcome to express your interest and invite us to demonstrate the exercises following the 1000-Moves method – we will be happy to respond.[/fusion_text][/one_full]