Presentation of the School of Health Association


The School of Health Association is a non-governmental organization that brings people together with the aim of carrying out morning outdoor exercise in all seasons. With regular practice of “1000 movements” we strengthen the body and spirit, expand the circle of acquaintances, make new friends and get involved in local events through the association. The School of Health Association takes care of the physical and mental health of the individual as well as socialization, which is an important factor for the quality of life.


Exercises according to the “1000 movements” method are simple and suitable for everyone. These are concluding exercises compiled by a doctor, neurologist Nikolay Grishin, who called them “1000 movements”. All exercises are performed standing up, in most of our groups between 7.30 and 8 am. In 30 minutes, all the joints of the body and all the muscle groups are used and moved. It starts with the palms and ends with the soles. This maintains functional abilities and achieves better mobility, body agility and balance. With each movement, proper breathing is also monitored. Everyone works according to their own abilities and capabilities. Exercises according to the “1000 movements” method can also be performed at home, but group exercise in nature is much more fun and relaxing. In emergencies (like epidemics) we adapt and organize morning exercise via Internet with the help of
Zoom application live, broadcast exercise footage on YouTube channel and cooperate with local televisions, which include the film with our exercise in their regular program. So we bring our exercises by the “1000 movements” method closer to all those who do not have the Internet.


The School of Health Association currently has 260 groups operating in 95 municipalities in all Slovenian regions. We currently have 5100 members. With the support of public funds obtained through tenders, our group, in addition to qualified volunteers, is also led by professional staff.


The mission of the School of Health Association is to contribute to a healthy society. We promote regular exercise and workout, maintain good health for a long and independent life, increase the proportion of active population, restore the will to live to the lonely and elderly, strengthen the psychophysical condition of the elderly, prevent chronic diseases and contribute to reducing the risk to develop depressive and anxiety disorders. In short, we maintain and improve the health of the
population, which has also been recognized by the Ministry of Health, who has supported and encouraged us since 2015. Therefore, the goal and purpose of the association is to cover the whole of Slovenia with organized morning outdoor exercise and to be present in all 212 municipalities. At the same time, we are striving for cross-border cooperation and the organization of new groups abroad according to the same pattern with which groups are already being established on the border with Croatia, Italy and Austria


Training of 1000 movements is free of charge, you can support the operation of the association with an annual membership fee of 20 €, but you can also donate 1% of your income tax. Anyone who wants to maintain and strengthen their health can join us. In many places, we are joined by outdoor passersby, even tourists or hotel guests.


We are supported by two ministries (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs) and local communities and donors.


The School of Health Association is a voluntary organization that has the status of a non-governmental organization of public interest in the field of sports and recreation and the status of a humanitarian organization in the field of health care. With its activities, the association also covers the fields of education and social security.

We take care of the socializing of the members

The groups that participate in the Šola zdravja program gather annually for a meeting where they socialize and perform exercises. The purpose of the meeting is to encourage social interaction and strengthen the bonds among participants. Lectures on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques are also held at the meeting. Participants have the opportunity to meet other attendees from different groups, exchange experiences, and improve their knowledge of healthy living. The meeting also offers an opportunity for fun, laughter, and relaxation.

Piran 2018 -10. meeting of all groups

Piran 2016-8. meeting of all groups

Piran 2017 -9. meeting of all groups

For more information you can contact us at the contact below:

Zdenka Kavčič, president of the School of Health Association